The mystery “ What is Bounce Rate ?” solved

With the introduction of new Google pet ‘penguin’ a new term called as bounce rate is gaining popularity. Now what is bounce rate? How it is calculated? And what is the usefulness of this parameter? These all questions arise in our minds. We are also eager to know the usefulness of bounce rate to websites and how it can affect any website? I will try to answer all these questions one by one in this post. First of all let’s start with the basics and find out what is bounce rate?

The mystery “ What is Bounce Rate ?” solved

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the rate at which a visitor lands on the webpage of your website and leaves it after the visit without any further activity. Thus bounce rate is simply a parameter indicating the time a visitor spends on any webpage of your website.

bounce rate

Bounce rate is not exactly the time a visitor spends on a page but how much time he spent on a particular website. Bounce rate is the measure of activity of a visitor on a website when he lands on one of the webpages of the website. When you open the Google analytics account you can see the bounce rate as shown in below figure.

This term is increasing in popularity as Google sees it as an important parameter to judge websites and assign page rank. Now as you learned what is bounce rate? let us see why it was required?

Why bounce rate parameter was required?

After learning what is bounce rate? It is essential to know the requirement of this parameter. The days have gone where a website with very large volume of traffic is ranked higher. Traffic is important but engaging the visitors to the webpage they visit is also important.

This visitor engagement is measured by bounce rate and shows that how much time a visitor spent on the website in a collective manner. This parameter creates a bridge between excellent, very good, not so good, ok and poor quality websites. This was important because there are many ways of creating illegal and non-productive traffic to the website.

Due to this reason a website spending heavily on traffic generation and poor in content would rank higher. This is the reason bounce rate parameter or factor was required.

Bounce rate should be High or Low

As we know now that what is bounce rate? What is its requirement? We have to decide whether it should be low or high. Obviously the bounce rate should be on the lower side as lower is the bounce rate higher time a visitor is engaged on your website.

This engagement would also affect your page rank as Google takes it very seriously. Websites with higher bounce rate are ranked lower by Google. Lower bounce rate ensures that your website will slowly and steadily rise in terms of page rank. Generally a bounce rate lower than 50% is considered good for any website. Now the question arises how is this bounce rate calculated? Let us see.

Calculation of bounce rate

Bounce rate is the ratio of number of visitors visiting a page and leaving it without visiting any other page on the same website to the total number of visitors visiting the page.

If all the visitors leave the webpage they visited without surfing or going to any other page then the bounce rate will be 100%. After learning what is bounce rate? It is also essential for you to know the method to calculate it. Below is the mathematical representation of the above description.

bounce rate calculation

Take the example a website with 10 blogs. A visitor lands on a page say about Adsense alternatives. He reads the complete article and don’t visit any other page related to increasing earning by Adsense and simply either closes the page or presses backspace on keyboard or back button in the browser window. This type of activity is called the bouncing the webpage and the rate of this process is called bounce rate.

Usefulness of bounce rate to website owners

Don’t fear bounce rate. This parameter is very helpful to website owners as it informs them of their website engagement with the visitor. In case of websites providing services and information bounce rate is the deciding criteria for the success of their service or blog. If they are having high bounce rate then it is an indication that the customers are not satisfied with their service or information.

Some websites like e-commerce websites or online shopping malls may have higher bounce rate because people often search for a particular product on search engines and directly land on the page they wanted. They open different pages for the same product on other websites for comparison and choose the most appropriate offer and close the other webpages he opened.

Also e-commerce websites advertise on various platforms online and it is obvious that they may have higher bounce rate. An e-commerce site with lowest bounce rate is the site which provides the best offers to its customers or the website is highly trustworthy. It may be the either way. It is solely dependent upon the customer choice and taste.

 How it is beneficial to Google?

Google has different criteria to rank pages or websites that are based on different topics. The ranking criteria are not the same for all websites. For instance an e-commerce website and a blog to share information cannot be compared and thus are ranked on different criteria.

Google uses bounce rate as a defining criteria for the websites with same theme to perform ranking. As already mentioned it helps Google to differentiate between good and bad websites of the same theme or based on the same topic. Sometimes it may happen that a good blog or website with good content may get poor ranking due higher bounce rate.

The bounce rate can be higher because of many factors. The factors that are responsible for higher bounce rate are discussed below.

 Factors responsible for higher bounce rate

As you have already learnt what is bounce rate?  Now it is important to know the factors that are responsible for higher bounce rate. The major factors that are responsible for higher bounce rate are mentioned below.

  • Poor page design
  • Lack of quality content
  • Too many Ad units
  • Lack of internal linking
  • Page loading problems
  • Poor coverage of the broad topic
  • Less number of posts

For more details go through the below link

Steps for reducing bounce rate

As you know the factors that cause higher bounce rate it should be easier for you to perform the tweaks to reduce the bounce rate. There are other tips that have to be implemented in order to reduce bounce rate. These tips will be discussed with a different blog.

I hope that this blog clears the mystery ‘what is bounce rate? ‘ & helped you to understand the importance of bounce rate inorder to have a higher page rank on Google search. You have to be very clear that bounce rate is very important for blogs sharing information. So try to keep it to the minimum. If you are having any questions related to the bounce rate or you are not satisfied with any part of the blog you can share with us in the comment section.

Please let us know what you think about the post in our comment section. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. I’ve been using Bidvertiser, but seems like it’s not earning much anymore.
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    • I will be soon publishing a blog related to adsense alternatives but according to my advice go for adsense which will pay you more as compared to any ad network. If you got banned from adsense then go with revenue hits. Bidvertiser is not that great. I used it on one of sites and only got 1.2 or 1.3 $ for 5000 visitors.

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