The top most influential SEO blog posts in 2016

The year 2016 that has shown us the new face of Search engine optimization has come to an end. This year, the search engine optimization evolved and changed to a great extent. It is now the time to find out the most powerful SEO blog posts that had the maximum impact on the SEO community. These best SEO posts not only exhibited the new trends in SEO but also were heartily welcomed by the audience.

 The SEO posts that are most shared and liked on the blogosphere

1. Top 16 most effective search engine optimization tips from Irfan Ahmad (Social Media Today)

This SEO article deals with the latest trends and SEO techniques. The blog post contains a beautifully crafted infographic to explain the SEO tips in a visually appealing manner. This blog post on SEO is the most liked post with around 6.5 K shares on various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. I personally found the tips to be very practical for any blog that wants to rank high on search engine results page. If you want to know more about search engine optimization then you can go through my posts below

On page SEO techniques

Off page SEO techniques

2. How to optimize your Social Media posts for search engines from Vlad Rascanu (Jeff Bullas)

I found this article on optimizing social media posts for SEO absorbing and unique, and so did others. This SEO post has total shares of about 3.8 K representing its likelihood which completely clears the picture. The blog post deals with tips and tricks to optimize your social media content to drive search engine traffic using SEO as a tool. It is a must read as social media is becoming an important instrument for blogging with each passing day.

3. 7 Deadliest Sins involving search engine optimization from Terrance Lammer Williams (My lead system pro)

This SEO blog post is quite unique as it throws a fresh air on the SEO mistakes. It doesn’t deal with the common SEO mistakes that were discussed by many bloggers including me, but it is concerned more about throwing light on human mentality. I really enjoyed it reading and you should too. The blog post is liked and shared by many with total shares of around 2.3 K.

4. The Psychology of search engine optimization: 10 things you need to know by Neil Patel (Quick Sprout)

Are you wondering? When I am talking about SEO, where is Neil Patel? Yes, here is your answer.

This Neil Patel’s blog post on SEO is one of my favourite posts this year. The reason behind it is Google’s intent. Google is now focusing more on user intent and superior read quality.

An article may be great, but it should be able to bind the user. Do you want to know how to work on search engine optimization and at the same time satisfy your audience? Here is the post for you. This SEO blog post is a visually appealing interesting post that deals with the entire Psychology of search engine optimization. It talks about user behaviour and how to please your audience with your posts. It is a must read this year. The post is very much liked by the viewers with total shares of around 2. 1K on different social media platforms.

5. 7 ways to optimize your blog for humans and search engines from Caitlin Burgess (Top Rank Blog)

As I already said, Google is giving more importance to user intent and so here is another post on how to write a blog post for humans and at the same time do search engine optimization. This blog post on SEO honestly moves through the basics of SEO by adding a fresh tint to the already discussed SEO techniques. The human touch on the article is really fascinating and being appreciated by its audience. The post has been shared 2k times which is quite incredible.

Many other posts ranked higher on search engine results page, but these are the SEO blog posts that actually made an impact on the Search Engine Optimization community. I am calling them the best SEO posts this year as they mostly explain the newly evolved SEO i.e. search Experience optimization. Now, it is not just stuffing keywords, but it is to make each word count.

What are your thoughts on these most influential SEO articles? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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