Top 10 WordPress Resources You Will Ever Need

What are the most useful WordPress websites out there? The truth is, there are hundreds of sites that are dedicated in one way or another to WordPress, the software website that dominates the blogosphere. But, if you are going to really get involved in WordPress, here are the ten most essential sites you can find on the internet:

1. WordPress


The number one resource available for WordPress is the software’s own site, This is the beginning of it all for blogging. On this site, you can get so many questions answered. Essentially, this is the one-stop place for any questions you might have.

The site has links and demonstrations to all of the available themes that can be used on a WordPress site. Themes are one of the features that make WordPress such dynamic software. The fact is anyone can modify the look of their site right in the dashboard of their administrative page. This enables individuals who don’t know much at all to be able to really take charge of the look of their blogs.

Then there is the Plugins page that allows even further modification to a site. Plugins add so much dynamic depth to a site. With simple plugins, a site owner can add functionality without even knowing how to spell Java, let alone code in it.

There is also a support page that you can ask questions of the Masters of the Universe who know all the tiniest aspects of developing. The forum is a great place to research simple questions as well. Stuck on why something is not working as it should? Post a question and in no time you are likely to get a definitive response.

In all, the best place to go if you have any questions about WordPress is WordPress. It is the single best resource that anyone dealing with the software should know about.

2. WordPress TV

Around the world there are WordCamps. WordCamps are events that individuals will go to and talk about WordPress. And, WordPress TV is the site that you go to if you can’t go to a WordCamp. There are videos on nearly every subject covered at these camps. And the videos tend to be a lot more interesting than merely reading a blog posting.

3. WP Beginner

WP Beginner

WP Beginner is the largest unofficial resource site on WordPress. It is written by Sayed Balkhi. There are tutorials and how-tos covering all sorts of topics imaginable. And, even though the title of the site is focused on beginners, individuals of all levels will gain something from the information contained within.

4. Tuts+

Envato Tuts

If you have maxed out on what you can learn from WP Beginner, then Tuts+ is for you. Geared towards developers, Tuts+ is edited by Tom McFarlin and discusses some very advanced topics in WordPress development and programming.

5. Pippins Plugins

Pippins Plugins

This site is written by Pippin Williamson, a hall-of-fame plugin developer who’s developed so many plugins for WordPress, they could fill Lake Michigan. Well, sort of. Still, Pippin is authoritative and reviews plugins from all around as well as advanced subjects such as programming. This site is indispensable if you are considering adding a plugin to your site and want to get more input prior to doing so. The site also has tutorials on plugins, their installation, and instructions on how to use the plugins. The site is indispensable with the information on all of the plugins it covers.

6. Code Academy


CodeAcademy is all about learning to code in PHP and Javascript if you should dare to venture down that road. The site offers these classes for free. It is a great site to ask questions regarding coding issues you may encounter. The site is filled with all kinds of information on the subject of coding. So, if you are looking to learn all about PHP and Javascript, this should be your first stop.

7. Reddit


Reddit is a great place to exchange ideas on any subject and WordPress has two dedicated pages for doing just that. There are WordPress and ProWordPress pages. ProWordPress is geared mainly towards advanced developer issues while WordPress is geared mainly towards more basic questions and issues. Reddit has established itself around the world as the single best place to chat amongst fellow enthusiasts regarding whatever issue you may have. And, the WordPress Reddit pages do just that.


This is a site dedicated to sharing news articles based on, you guessed it, WordPress. Vladimir Prevolac publishes this site and encourages others to do all of the posting and sharing of news articles. He does this with a promotional method of votes in a community. If you want to stay up on the latest news that may get released on WordPress, this is the site to go to.

10. wpMailme


This is a weekly newsletter. It covers everything. As in, theme news, plugin news, new releases and news in general about WordPress. All of this delivered to your inbox every week. All you need is a cup of coffee and a scone and your Sunday morning is all set up.



Today I found a new WordPress niche. The site shares WordPress information for beginners who have a very narrow grasp on WordPress. The site offers you the selection of themes and plugins for various situations.

I personally liked the theme roundup section from this blog. If you are a beginner, definitely have a look on this website.

This listing is by no means a complete listing of what is available for WordPress enthusiasts, developers, and programmers. But, it is a list that highlights the most important sites dedicated to WordPress. These resources are significant in their size and contribution to the WP community. And, whatever level you are with your WP knowledge, all of these sites will offer something of value to you.

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