The experts take on SEO for 2017

Search engine optimisation is evolving every year, and by each passing year, there are new trends, new algorithms and new SEO mistakes to commit. The best part about SEO is that you may learn from your mistakes and that is what makes it a hot topic for every blogger. It never dies and just improves to be better.

Let us discuss some of these points from experts

SOM OH (Founder of money journal)- SEO trends to look out for 2017

SOM OH talks about the trends that are to be crucial in the field of SEO this year. The trends that he discussed were very significant for any blog.

So here are the trends he discussed

Increase in quality content and density

Quality content has always been the key to success of any blog. Earlier it was thought that posting a single post with high quality is enough to keep any blog alive.

This trend is changing, and you have to think of density now. Posting more and more high-quality content has become necessary in the present day competition.

Leverage of personal branding

Personal branding has been a favourite for me. In 2017, more and more companies would take advantage of this tool.

People forget information, but a brand always keeps you ahead of other’s in the competition

In the past, very few organisations took advantage of this instrument but now, the time has come to exploit the personal branding as an SEO strategy.

User experience is an integral of SEO

I had talked a lot about user experience earlier. A properly crafted website is a must for successful SEO.

The site that offers the best user experience ranks higher on the Google search pages.

Thus, the time has come to optimise the blog or website for higher page speed and lower load times.

To know more follow this link: 3 unstoppable SEO trends in 2017

Alexander Kesler (Search Engine Journal)-10 SEO mistakes to look for in 2017

SEO done right can be very useful but committing SEO mistakes is blogging suicide.

Alexander  Kesler of Search engine journal tries to identify the most common SEO mistakes, and he figures out these 1o common mistakes

  1. Choosing wrong keywords
  2. Using Keyword stuffing
  3. Content not covering the keywords or about the keywords
  4. Publishing non-original content
  5. Not adding title tags and meta descriptions
  6. Missing quality links
  7. overuse of your internal links
  8. Using a blog or website that is not responsive to mobile friendly usage
  9. Not using the power of social media interactions
  10. Not giving importance to analytics

These are the most common mistakes a blogger can commit. So be advised not to commit such errors.

To know more follow this link: 10 most common SEO mistakes

R.L. Adams (Forbes)- Crucial rules to dominate Google’s search results

Here is an important topic that explores the rules for ranking higher on Google’s search page. R.L. Adams explain these rules in details. Before discussing the rules, here are few points that you should incorporate to follow the rules.

  1. Page indexing
  2. Having an authoritative profile
  3. effective content to grasp Google’s attention

The rules discussed here are a must for ranking higher on Google’s search page. So, here are the rules.

Rule 1# Produce trustworthy content to gain Google’s trust

Rule 2# Website age is a major factor, and it comes before page beauty

Rule 3# Quality content always wins over quantity

Rule 4# Content is  king

Rule 5# Post size matters a lot (posts with more than 2000 words rank higher on search results)

Rule 6# Use appropriate keywords without stuffing

Rule 7# A blog should always be mobile friendly and responsive

Rule 8# Be more location specific in your links

To know more follow the link: SEO 2017: 8 crucial rules to dominate Google’s search results

So, what is your take on these instructions from experts? Let me know in my comment section

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