How publishing a new blog post can effect organic traffic ?

Updating your blog and posting a new blog post frequently and consistently plays a very important role in defining organic traffic for your website. Today I am going to present you with a case study on my own website. This case study will cover the impressions that are generated in Google search whenever I post a new blog post on my website.

You must be wondering, why there is no such case study present over the internet? The reason is that the bloggers are very egoistic and they don’t want to expose the initial traffic of their blog. The changes that I am going to show you in total organic search impressions can only be observed when you analyze the traffic of a new blog.

Effect of publishing a new blog post on organic traffic

Pete Cashmore started at the age of 19 and it grew to two million readers in a time span of 18 months. What do you think that how he made such a successful blog in such a short time span?

Let us take one more example. Darren Rowse launched Problogger and it was a success within a time span of 3-4 months. What was his success mantra?

They followed a simple technique of posting quality content consistently. Moreover, their posting frequency was as high as 3-5 articles per day at a minimum. I am not going to talk about SEO in this post. If you want to have information about SEO then you can go through the below links

Effect of posting new blog post on organic traffic

On this post, I am only concentrating on updating the website with new articles and blog posts. So, let us see the effect of posting a new blog post on the total organic search impressions of my blog.

Effect of publishing a new blog post on organic traffic

Search impressions showing effect of publishing a new post on organic traffic

The above image shows the total number of impressions that were generated for my blog between 25th February to 23rd March as shown by search analysis page on Google webmasters account.

 I have not shown the clicks as my website is new and thus, the positions that my pages are getting are not that great to generate too many clicks. Now coming to our point, we can see there are four impression peaks on the search analysis page. The dates that are corresponding to these peaks are the exact match with the dates I posted a new blog post on my website.

In this time period, I posted 4 blog posts on 2nd, 13th, 15th and 19th March. You can see in the above image that on that same date there is a sharp increase in search impressions which can be visualized by the peak. As I posted a single blog post on a particular date, there was a sharp increase in search impressions.

The last thoughts

Though my website is new and don’t generate much organic traffic now, but whenever I add a new blog post to my blog there is a considerable increase in search engine impressions. Thus, it can be concluded that when we post new articles on regular basis these impressions will rise constantly. Inorder to post new about new topics regularly you have to get fresh and new blog post ideas. To know more about how to get fresh blog post ideas you can go through the below links

I had implemented all the blogging tips that I am sharing on my website. These tips and SEO techniques are helping my blog to rise in position on search engine results page. Through this post I wanted to share how publishing new posts regularly can affect your search engine visibility and organic traffic.

What are your thoughts on the effect of regular posting of a new blog post on search engine traffic? Let me know in the comment section

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    Indeed posting new blog posts will surely effect and get some good users from google search. I guess you have explained it very easy way.

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