Green hosting: Emerging trend in web hositng technology

green hosting

When we are seeking for environmental friendly technologies, then in regard of web hosting Green Hosting is an emerging trend that is a must consideration for the present scenario. As the use of internet is increasing day by day number of servers to hold the websites is also increasing resulting…

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10 Real Best ways to make money online

10 real ways to make money online

Most of us search over the internet for online money making  tips and tricks and fall into the trap of various quick make money online scams ( fraud),  but making money online is not an easy task to perform. If you are considering your present job to be hard, then…

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10 Best highest paying Google Adsense Alternatives for a blogger

10 best high paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Got banned from Google Adsense program or you are searching for some new methods to monetize your blog or website, you can look forward to these 10 Adsense alternatives for a blogger that I am about to present. These alternatives may not be as lucrative for your website as Adsense, but…

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Hostgator review- Webhosting for every need

hostgator review- webhosting for every need

The main difficulty faced by most of the bloggers is identifying a trustworthy host for their blog. This is even important because various factors such as page speed, up time, support are very important for everyone on the internet who runs a blog or a website. These factors not only…

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How to create infographics online for free

create infographics online for free

The present scenario of website article presentation is changing. A long article with more than 2000 or 3000 words may be too long for some readers. This situation is due to lack of time and patience. Thus infographics comes to over help, which represents data visually in form of images.…

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The mystery “ What is Bounce Rate ?” solved

The mystery “What is Bounce Rate?” solved

With the introduction of new Google pet ‘penguin’ a new term called as bounce rate is gaining popularity. Now what is bounce rate? How it is calculated? And what is the usefulness of this parameter? These all questions arise in our minds. We are also eager to know the usefulness…

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8 major factors responsible for High Bounce Rate

8 major factors responsible for high bounce rate

As Google is considering bounce rate as an important criteria to judge the page rank of a website, it also becomes equally important for us to understand the reasons of high bounce rate. high bounce rate reduces page rank and thus resulting in reduction in traffic to our website. Here…

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