Off page SEO techniques- Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Off Page SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of the SEO process which increases the visibility of your website not only on search engines but also on other high-ranking sites. The presence of your site or blog on other high-ranking sites is crucial to rank high on Search engine results page(SERP). These links on other websites pointing to one of your web pages are termed as backlinks. Quality backlinks act as a vote to rank any page higher on Search engine results page(SERP). Proper implementation of Off Page SEO techniques ensures that your website or blog is available at different places which are taken very seriously by Google and Bing and it is an important criterion for ranking a website or blog. Higher ranked pages appear on the top page in search results. Thus, it is imperative to have a high rank for your web page so that it may get high search engine traffic.

Off-Page SEO refers to the techniques you adopt to increase the Off Page presence of your website. It involves submission of site to search engines, link building and creating social media accounts.

Off page SEO techniques for beginners to rank on first page

Traffic is generated not only from search engines but also from other places where one of your webpages is back-linked. Thus Off page SEO is equally important as On page SEO, and thus, it should be done very carefully. Before going to the off page SEO checklist, it is necessary to understand the significance of Off page SEO.

How is Off Page SEO useful to search engines?

Search engines have complex algorithms to find the content of your website and fetch the users who perform a search on the search engine with the most proper results. These algorithms not only consider the page quality and Off Page SEO but also consider the Off Page presence of you blog or website in determining the rank of a webpage on search engine results page (SERP). This will help to satisfy the user intent. If your website is helpful and useful it will have more references and more often it will be shared by people on social media.

A website with many references, high-quality content, and bigger social media presence is more likely to rank higher on SERP.

How is Off Page SEO helpful to Bloggers?

Proper Off Page SEO techniques will ensure that your blog will get higher traffic because of the following reasons

1. Increase in ranking on SERP

Organic traffic from search engines is a primary source of natural traffic for any website or blog. If you have performed Off Page SEO correctly, your site would raise in ranking on SERP and thus there will be an increase of traffic to your site.

2. Google Page Rank Improvement

Google page rank is an important term that determines the importance of your blog or website in the eyes of Google. Remember that Off Page SEO is one of the important factors for deciding the page rank for your site and if done properly would result in an increase in Google Page Rank.

3. Growth in traffic and exposure

If your website is present on social media and other social bookmarking sites, it will get more exposure and thus would get more traffic eventually.

Here I present you with the only Off page SEO checklist you would ever need. I personally never like checklists but prefer step by step guides. So let us now discuss the various stages involved in Off Page SEO. Every step mentioned here have their purpose and importance, and definitely, each step is a part of your SEO checklist.

The primary Off-page SEO techniques for Beginners

Off page SEO techniques

1.Why should you submit your website to search engines?

This part of the submission of sites to search engines is not at all necessary but submission makes it faster to get the pages and posts of your website indexed in the search engine database. This also helps to keep track of the traffic that you generate through search engines. Thus, in my opinion, submit your website to search engines as soon as you launch your blog.

You have to submit the sitemap of your website to the search engines which is the form of a .xml file. Before submission you have to sign up for webmasters account for the search engines such as Google and Bing and then verify your website. The simplest way of verifying a website is to upload a file provided by the search engine webmaster tool and upload it primarily in a public_html folder using file transfer protocol (FTP).

Submitting your website to search engines through webmaster accounts would also help you to keep track of how users are reaching your blog. Webmaster and Google Analytics account are helpful in maintaining a check on traffic that you get for your blog or website.

To signup for Google and Bing Webmasters, you can follow the below links

Although this part of Off page SEO strategy is not that important, it speeds up the overall process of page indexing. Remember that your basics of SEO must be firm to proceed further for Off page SEO techniques. To know more about SEO basics and new trends for best search engine optimization, you can go through below links.

2.Necessity of building Individual Social media profile for your website

social icons

This is another important step in Off Page SEO. Making Individual social media profiles for your site is vital as these websites have a high rank on search engines and thus, your website would also be indexed with these high ranked Social media sites. This indexing would help to raise the ranking of your blog on search engines.

Managing a large number of social profiles for an individual is difficult, and thus, I would suggest you start just with the giants Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which I think, would be enough for authorized social media presence for any website. Don’t forget to include buttons or links on your website that leads to your social media profiles.

In my opinion, Twitter is the better way of getting traffic to your webpage initially, as you can follow as many people as you like. While following any one on Twitter, try to follow people who are related to the theme of your blog. It may happen that they may follow back and when that happens, every time you post a tweet related to your blog, it is visible to them also. Thus, Twitter is the most appropriate social networking tool for your blog to make its social presence felt. This also increases the reach of your website and thus may eventually help to increase the traffic of your site. Please don’t follow any one blindly but try to follow groups or people that are relevant to your blog.

Earlier the importance of social media in Off page SEO techniques was not much, but with the increase in usage of social media by the internet users, it became crucial for any website or blog to be present socially.

Note: in- Only making social media accounts will not give you regarding traffic. You should be active on social media to get significant results.

3.How to Build quality backlinks?

Building quality backlinks is a time-consuming process. Initially, backlinks are generated by social media profiles and other websites where you submit your blog. If someone adds a link to any of your blog pages, a back link is created. These type of backlinks have the greatest weighting and are considered very significant by Google while deciding a rank for your website. But building such links with less number of posts and small domain age is almost impossible. Thus I will tell you some simple methods to develop backlinks.

Note: – With the new Google Penguin update, Submitting your website through free website submission tools for the creation of backlinks will not work anymore.

As I have written this Off page SEO guide for beginners with new blog, I will not discuss the difficult methods for generating backlinks as initially getting quality backlinks is difficult. Thus this SEO guide for beginners only focuses on commenting and Guest posting which a newbie can easily do without having any track record for his or her blog.

1.Commenting on high PR( Page Rank) websites

Leaving useful comments on high page rank websites with great traffic is an important part of link building. This process of link building is not easy as most of the webmasters don’t accept comments with website links. Even some big egoistic bloggers stated that they will not accept comments with website links.

But there are many generous bloggers who accept comments with links. Remember that commenting is a skill and only comment on topics which are significant to your blog. Many bloggers comment by appreciating the blog or page, but when I comment on other pages I like to have a conversation with the author of the post.

This conversation is necessary to gain knowledge and also to develop relations with fellow bloggers. I personally feel that blogging can bridge gaps between people and territories. So, please don’t be senseless in your comments. Senseless comments are comments that criticize a post for no reason or appreciate a worthless blog post. You should be truthful and judgmental in commenting.

Remember that no one on this earth is God, and thus mistakes may happen. You can point out those mistakes while commenting.

One thing I should tell you that commenting would never give you tons of traffic, but yes it will help you to get engaged with other bloggers. This engagement would help you to gain new ideas that you can include in your blog.

2.Where and how to do Guest Posting?

Guest posting is not dead and it is still one of the major sources of creating backlinks to your blog. I have written many guest posts as a hobby for free over the past 5 years. I also earned money due to Guest posting and one thing I found that getting accepted for your Guest post depends on person to person and blog to blog. If you are submitting a post to a new blog, it will be accepted right away with no comments and suggestions. Do you think this would help? In my opinion, it is just wasting time and energy. Guest posting is only helpful if you are submitting a quality Guest post to a blog highly reputed and with large amount of traffic.

Many of you will think that Why I should write a quality post for some other blog? Yes this thinking is right up to some point but have you ever thought that why you have started your blog? What is the reason behind it?

If you are sharing something valuable and worth knowing through your blog, what is the need of this knowledge if it is not reaching the public with whom you wanted to share it. Thus writing a guest post will make sure that your thoughts are transmitted to the people you wanted to. If your Guest post is of high quality and it achieves it purpose, it may also help to build a good reputation for you as an author. This good reputation will eventually lead the readers of you guest blog to your blog. This would only happen if you are submitting a quality article in form of Guest post. Thus take time and effort to produce a guest post with good and valuable content.

Remember that Guest posting is an important part of Off Page SEO which helps in building quality backlinks which would help to raise the ranking of you website both on search engine results page(SERP) and also on Google page ranking.

3.Things to avoid while guest posting

  • Don’t submit one of your already published blog as Guest post as it will either be rejected or if went unnoticed you will be penalized by Google for Duplication
  • Don’t write Guest post for a blog which is not related to the theme of you blog
  • Don’t copy paste from other blogs and submit a guest blog

4.The terror behind commenting and Guest posting

Many bloggers over the internet are suggesting that commenting is not a good way to build backlinks but if that is the case then we should remove the comment section in our blog. Yes if you are writing useless things as comments such as

  • Very good blog keep it up
  • Nice post I became a fan
  • You earned new reader today, then it is of no use.

This type of commenting is not helpful as it may probably be rejected by the webmasters. As I already discussed that commenting would not generate tons of  traffic to you website, but you can interact with more experienced bloggers and gain knowledge.

Some bloggers are spreading the misconception that Guest posting is dead and can be penalized by Google for building bad quality backlinks. This is all misleading as adding a link to your blog on your guest post is same as someone else adding a link to any page of your blog. As the Guest post is present on some other blog and thus it would be a quality backlink to your website or blog.

4.Is social bookmarking helpful?

Every link to your website or webpage is helpful if it is built naturally. Social bookmarking is losing its charm but it may still be helpful. If you want to promote your website by social bookmarking then you can try these below mentioned websites and promote your website accordingly.


Apart from these websites there are many social bookmarking websites and you can choose one depending upon the content and nature of your blog or website.

The last thoughts

It is necessary to do On Page SEO to make the content of the website search engine friendly but you should not forget Off Page SEO. Both are equally important in deciding the fate of your blog. So do Off Page SEO with proper care and follow the above steps to succeed with off page SEO techniques. To go through the on page SEO techniques go through the below link

Because of the new updates for Google Penguin and Panda, link building is not that important. I suggest new bloggers to just concentrate on building quality content and increase the social media presence of your website or blog. This is just enough as quality of the content is getting more and more importance on Google ranking algorithm. This helped the new bloggers who are writing quality content but unable to receive any traffic to their website.

Please let us know what you think about the post in our comment section. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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