How to use keyword research to generate fresh blog post ideas?

Every other blogger explains about keyword tools for keyword research. I had explained a lot about keyword research too. Today I am going to explain the way to use Keyword research to generate fresh blog post ideas.

What are you thinking? How can this be done? Before going to the process, I can assure you that using keyword research to get blog post ideas and topics is the best way of creating content. You will also say this at the end of this post.

First of all, let me introduce two of the very popular keyword research tools. One is the great Google keyword planner which you can use for free by making an Adword account and the other is the detailed and more user-friendly SEMrush. SEMrush is free up to some extent and to use the advanced features you have to upgrade your account. Let me stick to my topic and don’t go much deep into the keyword research tools and explain how to use keyword research to generate fresh blog post ideas.

  blog post ideas using keyword research tools

For simplicity, I will stick to the Google Keyword planner. You can use any keyword research tool to follow the below process

#  Search for large Volume keywords with low competition

There are certain blogging categories around which your blog is surrounded. First of all, search for the common keywords of your blog. For example, my blog is categorized for SEO, make money online, WordPress etc.. So, I should search for keywords related to those categories.

keyword research tool

Google keyword planner -search for keywords using this tool


 Let me take the example of searching SEO. When I search for this term in Google keyword planner, its search volume, CPC(cost per click), and competition are displayed. As we know that SEO is very competitive and high volume keyword on which we can find a large number of blog posts and thus, it cannot be a fresh topic.

Use keyword research for fresh blog post ideas

Google keyword planner explained-Various sections briefed


Now you have to see the related keywords section(keyword ideas ) where you will find all the keywords related to your core keyword. Find a list of high volume and low competition keyword. I am not saying here to find 2-3 keywords but for 10-20 keywords and your job is done. Now you can move to the next step

keyword ideas for blog post ideas

Low competition high volume keywords for searching on Google

#  Search your marked keywords on Google Search and rank them

The next step is to search your keywords on the Google Search one by one as it is the biggest search engine.

Write down the number of exact match posts in front of each keyword. Rank the keywords based on the number of posts with exact matches for the particular keyword.

For instance, if you have selected 20 keywords then give keyword with the most exact matches the lowest ranking and vice versa.

# Selection of keyword

After you have ranked the keywords, select the keyword which is ranked first on your list. This is the keyword with the least number of exact match search results. Now you can think of a title surrounded around this keyword.  This title is sure to be a fresh blog post idea as there are very less or no topics found surrounding this selected keyword.

The last Thoughts

This method of generation of blog post idea is very tedious but is sure to produce results. This is because the keyword is searched for but there are no or very fewer blog posts related to it. Thus, your blog post will likely rank higher for that keyword and eventually you will get higher traffic to your blog.

This is how you can use Keyword research for generating fresh blog post ideas.

What are your thoughts on this method? Was this method helpful to you? Let me know in the comment section.

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