The Ultimate guide to content curation

Content curation is the process of assembling information on a broad topic to make the topic more understandable which otherwise was not possible from sources at different locations. Content curation is the process of bringing the best content together. This process has remained a misnomer for years as a scam. It is right up to some extent as may bloggers use content curation without any reason and significance. These type of tactics fail as the fundamental base of content curation is enhancing knowledge and not fooling the user by presenting him with useless content. The basic principle of content curation is to cover a topic more broadly.

Content Curation present Strategy

The present content curation strategy involves assembly of links, information and content. The content curation can be done in many ways. It can be carried out by assembling links, assembling information with sources, doing case studies, listing top posts from different sources and so on. Every strategy has its advantages and disadvantages and also each strategy will suit certain niche. It is up to you, which way you want to choose.

To succeed with your content curation strategy, choosing a proper curation method is absolutely necessary

The  ultimate content curation resources
The complete content curation guide can be classified into  the following parts

  1. Chapter 1 – Basics of Content Curation

  2. Chapter 2 – Content curation techniques

  3. Chapter 3 – Content curation monetizing techniques

  4. Chapter 4 – Content curation case studies

Chapter 1

Basics of content Curation

The first step to learning content curation is to understand the basic fundamentals of Content curation. The basic principles involve the definition of content curation, how to start curation and what are its benefits and disadvantages.

Chapter 2
Content Curation Techniques

After learning about the basics of content curation, now we can move to the various techniques that are considered as content curation. The techniques discussed here are the right way of doing content curation. If followed can generate a lot of traffic

Chapter 3
Content Curation monetizing techniques

There has been a misconception that curated content cannot create revenue. It has been discussed by Niel Patel that content curation done the right way can facilitate engagement. The conventional monetization techniques like advertising and affiliate marketing will do fine with curated sites.  The chapter deals with the monetization methods that could be used for curated content.

Chapter 4
Content curation case studies

There are various blogs which succeeded using content curation as their sole information source. Some of them include,, Digg and much more. The present chapter deals with the strategies applied by these big players in content curation to achieve their goal.

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