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We at ‘Your blog My way’ welcome every blogger on the web to share their experience with us through our guest posts. You can submit your post through below given link which will be reviewed and then posted on the website, if found suitable for posting. Relating to the theme of our website the topics on which you can share your ideas and experiences are online money making, search engine optimization, webhosting, life hacks and other suitable posts that you think will  provide justice to our blog. The topics that you submit should be readable and with no spelling mistakes.

The above mentioned topics are just suggestions and our website is not limited to those mentioned topics. You can submit guest posts relating to any topic of your choice.

The posts relating to the following topics can be submitted

1.Making money online tips

2.Search engine optimization

3.Blogging tips

4.Social media marketing

5.Email marketing




8. Life Hacks

And any other topic of your interest……..

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Note:- Posts between 500-2500 words are more acceptable to the viewers to read. Every time try to keep your post in this range. Also use images to explain things rather than writing everything. Use readable fonts and colors.


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