151+ free guest blogging sites to submit guest posts

When you are a newbie Guest posting is an excellent way of building trust and authority for yourself as a blogger. Guest blogging can help you to reach your audience by using traffic from a different blog. The beauty of Guest blogging is that you get audience and referral traffic from the first day.

But, the above sentence is only true if you are submitting your guest posts to blogs that are having high page rank and a right amount of authority and trustworthiness in their field of work.

151+ guest blogging sites to submit guest posts

Finding websites that accept guest posts is not a big deal. In fact, there are tons. The big deal is to identify the best among them.

Even I had placed a  guest post tab in the header menu but I will never recommend my readers to submit their blog posts on my blog. There were two cases like that where I rejected guest posts and suggested them to choose a better website. I won’t say that I am not maintaining quality with my blog but, to be frank, I don’t have enough traffic to accept guest posts. If I had taken their posts, it would be a cheating. Yes, I will accept guest posts if I reach more than 50000+ visitors per month.

The whole point of the above paragraph is that you should select a proper channel so that your guest posting strategy will be fruitful.

So, here I tried to make a list of 150+ quality guest blogging sites that accept articles in different categories. I explained about few of them as I tried their services. The rest I had curated from various other blogs.

One thing you have to remember that most of the websites that accept guest posts are having very strict quality guidelines. If you are a newbie blogger, it may be tough for you to get your blog posts accepted on their websites. But, you have to keep trying. Although some of them mention that they are taking guest posts, they are more confident with people they already know. These websites send an invitation to guest authors to write articles for them. Thus, you must have got some authority as a blogger so that they may accept your guest post.

As it is a big list, I categorized the entire ” free guest blogging sites list “into different categories. The main advantage with these blogs is that they are absolutely free blogging sites. Moreover, they are completely free guest blogging websites. If you want to know more about guest posting tactics and techniques, you can buy these Guest Blogging e-books from Amazon.

151+ free guest blogging sites to submit guest posts


Are you writing about blogging tips? Do you want to promote your blog through guest blogging? Then, submit your guest posts to the below-mentioned blogs to promote your work.

  1. Shoutmeloud

Shoutmeloud is a blog with lots of interesting stuff about blogging. They accept guest posts but you should maintain very high quality to get accepted.

  1. Daily Blog Tips
    I prefer posting guest blogs to daily blog tips as a blogger. They cover the same topics that I deal with and it is very easy for me to write. They don’t require very great posts but you should provide useful information to get accepted on this blog.
  2. Copyblogger
    Though Copyblogger accepts guest posts, they rely more on their self-invited guest authors. They also don’t reply to your emails very often. Thus, only think of guest blogging on Copyblogger if you already have some authority as a blogger.
  1. Traffic Generation Cafe
    This another great site that accepts guest posts but here also the quality standards are very high so be careful while submitting. Rejection to Acceptance ratio is very high here.
  2. ThinkTraffic
    Think traffic is another great website that promotes guest blogging but they are relying more on invited guest authors. You can contact them anyway and tell them about your post. If they are interested in your ideas, they will contact you back.
  3. Firepole Marketing
    Firepole is what is recommended. Their quality standards are not too high and you can save your best blog posts for your blog. But they take some time for accepting blogs.
  4. Men with Pens
    This site is tough one to crack. They pick articles of excellent quality. Although they accept guest posts, I recommend you to save your best for your blog.
  5. Problogging Success
  6. John Chow
  7. 12 Most–
  8. Basic Blog Tips
  9. Blog Godown
  10. BloggersPassion
  11. Blogging Tips
  12. Blogsolute
  13. Business2Community
  14. ClickBank
  15. ComLuv
  16. Denise Wakeman
  17. DIYThemes
  18. info
  19. Famous Bloggers
  20. Inspiration Feed
  21. Quick Online Tips
  22. She Takes on the World
  23. Smart Bloggerz
  24. Smart Passive Income
  25. The RedHead Writing Blog
  26. We Blog Better
  27. Work it, Mom!

Content Marketing and SEO

If you want to promote your articles on Marketing and SEO( search Engine optimization) through guest blogging, you can use below-mentioned sites to submit your guest posts.

  1. KISSmetrics
    Kismetrics is a great website for guest posting but getting into this blog is tough. You guest post should be very detailed with real life examples. So don’t even try for it with even an OK blog post. You have to be more than yourselves to get your guest post accepted.
  2. Search Engine Journal
  3. MarketingProfs
    MarketingProfs is a site built for the marketing professionals. If you have a new idea in the field of marketing and you need the quick audience, here is the right site for you to submit your guest posts.
  4. Moz
    MOZ is the best website I have seen on search engine optimization(SEO). If SEO is your speciality, then you should submit guest posts no other place then MOZ.
  5. Duct Tape Marketing
    Duct tape posts only one guest post per week and thus, there is fierce competition out there. You should submit an absorbing and deeply explained article to get accepted on this website.
  6. Search Engine People
  7. Magnet 4 Marketing

Social media

Some people only write for social media such as Facebook, Twitter and if you are one of them and wants to promote your social media posts through guest blogging, then you can test below-mentioned sites.

  1. Social Media Examiner
    Social media Examiner is a blog that accepts blogs related to social media stuff. They are very choosy in nature and your posts should be of very high quality.
  2. Birds on the Blog
  3. Social Fresh
  4. LKR Social Media

Photography, Video and Graphics design

If you are interested in writing about photography, graphics designing, or you like to share videos, here is an exclusive list of blogs with very high page rank where you can submit your guest posts.

  1. 1stWeb Designer
  2. Colossal
  3. Daily Art Fixx
  4. Digital Photography School
  5. I Heart Faces
  6. Inhabitat
  7. Inspiration Feed
  8. Light Stalking
  9. Noupe
  10. Onextrapixel
  11. Planet5D
  12. Skyje
  13. Steve’s Digicams
  14. WDL
  15. Web and Designers


If you write about technology, then you can use the below-mentioned sites in your guest posting strategy. These guest blogging technology sites are updated very frequently and thus, the article that you submit as a guest post should be related to the recent technological advancements and news.

  1. Mashable– Submit news
    You can even submit guest posts to Mashable. As it is a news site, the acceptance is quick but your guest post should be a recent news article.
  1. Calling All Geeks
  2. Comptalks
  3. Craving Tech
  4. Devils’ Workshop
  5. Digital Inspiration
  6. Gigaom
  7. Inspiration Feed
  8. iTech Code
  9. Readwrite
  10. Site Point
  11. Slashdot
  12. Smashing Magazine
  13. Tech At Last
  14. Tech Walls
  15. Techie Blogger
  16. Techie Buzz
  17. The Kernel
  18. The Pragmatic Bookshelf
  19. Tips Blogger
  20. Trouble Fixers
  21. Web and Designers

News site

Do you read News online? If your answer is yes, then there is only one Quality News site that accepts guest posts. The website is Huffington Post. This site covers almost every topic and thus, it is your choice in which field you want to submit a blog post. I recommend this website for guest blogging purpose but their quality guidelines are very strict for guest posts.

  1. Huffington Post

Spirituality and Psychology

If you write something about spirituality and human psychology then here is a list of blogs that you can submit your guest posts to.

  1. Brazen Life
  2. Dumb Little Man
  3. Extraordinary Mommy
  4. Hack College
  5. Inspiration Feed
  6. Lifehack
  7. Lyved
  8. MOMeoMagazine
  9. Organizing Junkie
  10. Pick the Brain
  11. Private Practice from the Inside Out
  12. Psychology Today
  13. Roots of She
  14. Self Growth
  15. She Takes on the World
  16. The Change Blog
  17. The Psychology of Wellbeing
  18. Work Happy Now
  19. Your Tango

Article Writing

These are the sites that accept articles on relevant topics as guest posts. The main disadvantage with these websites is that you should have excellent vocabulary skills to get accepted on this blogs. These sites are very choosy and it is a very tough task to get accepted on these blogs.

  1. Freelance Folder
  2. Freelance Switch
  3. Live Hacked
  4. Make a Living Writing
  5. Men with Pens
  6. Story Fix
  7. The Sun Magazine
  8. Write to done
  9. Writers in Charge

Health, Fitness and Food blogs

If you write about health, food and fitness, you can consider these blogs to submit your guest posts. You have to remember one thing that guest blogging in this horizon has the toughest competition as this field requires an enormous amount of authority and trustworthiness. The most interesting ones here are the food blogs that accept guest posts. You should definitely give them a try.

  1. Aggie’s Kitchen
  2. Food Sense
  3. Hive Health Media
  4. Kevin M.D.
  5. Menuism
  6. Mercola
  7. Natural News
  8. Psychology Today
  9. Self Growth
  10. The Change Blog
  11. The Kitchn
  12. Weight Loss Triumph
  13. Women’s Health


Are you interested in providing financial advice? If your answer is yes, then here is a list of financial blogs that accept guest posts. These financial guest blogging sites require a high degree of authority. So, don’t try to fool them as they don’t want to harm their customers and readers.

  1. ComFree Blog
  2. Fat Wallet
  3. Financial Highway
  4. Financial Sense
  5. Five Cent Nickel
  6. Get Rich Slowly
  7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  8. Investment Yogi
  9. Investopedia
  10. Investor Guide
  11. Man vs. Debt
  12. Modest Money
  13. Money Saving Mom
  14. One Cent at a Time
  15. Saving Advice
  16. Wise Bread


Travel related sites are becoming famous day by day. If you want to share your travel experience or you reside in a tourist spot you can easily submit your guest blogs to these travel related to guest blogging sites. Here the level of quality is not of much importance. The thing that will be substantial is the way you make things interesting. You have to write your blog post with lots of images and references.

  1. 2 Backpackers
  2. com
  3. Boarding Area
  4. Dangerous Business
  5. foXnoMad
  6. Global Grasshopper
  7. Inspiring Travelers
  8. Matador Network
  9. The Glove Box Blog
  10. Travel Supermarket
  11. Velvet Escape
  12. Viator

Baby care and parenting

Are you a mother who wants to write about baby care then here is a list of guest blogging sites that you can use to reach your potential viewers immediately

  1. Baby Center
  2. Extraordinary Mommy
  3. Modern Mom

The last thoughts

Guest blogging is very fruitful in generating quality traffic to your blog. You can spread 2-3 backlinks to your blog. Some of the blogs as mentioned above don’t allow you to add backlinks but, it’s ok. You can still develop authority as a blogger using such blogs. Choose a proper category today from the above list to start your guest blogging Campaign

Have I missed out on some important guest blogging sites? If yes, please help me to add them through your comments.

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