How to use Google Trends to find out Trending topics in your Niche

Google Trends has been an underrated yet very powerful tool for finding trending topics related to your niche. As we all know that Google is the biggest search engine occupying at least 70% of the total search over the internet. Thus, topics that are trending on Google can be considered as the trending topics in a particular niche. This tool is very much capable of generating fresh and new blog post ideas that we can implement in our blog. You just have to know how to use it.

Therefore, today I am going to help you with Google Trends to find out the most trending topic you want in your niche.

How to use Google Trends to find out Trending topics in your niche

To start with Google Trends make a search on Google for it and open Google Trends. You will see the below page with the most trending topics in your country.

Google trends front page

# Using the search Box

To find out the trending topics just make a search for a keyword related to your niche in the search box at the top. After making the search a graph is displayed showing interest over time for the particular keyword. This graph shows the trending of this particular searched topic over a time frame we have selected.

Try to search for long tail keywords. If no trending is found try to mix it up. Search for a shorter keyword and then mix it with another trending keyword to create a perfect match for a long tail keyword.

To find more about using long tail keywords go through the below link

# Using Drop-downs below the search box

google trends country

If you want to find a trending keyword region wise then you can select a region from the drop-down just below the search box. This drop-down is named worldwide now. You can select any region of your choice. I prefer to choose the region according to the target country I selected in Google Webmasters.

You can also set a time between which you want to see the trending of the keyword by selecting a time frame from the drop-down next to the region selection drop-down.

You can also select the category for the keyword from the drop-down next to the time frame selection drop-down. I had made a search for SEO and internet and Telecom suits the best category for it.

# Importance of Regional Interest Block in Google Trends

Googlre trends Regional Interest

When you scroll down you come to the regional interest block. This block shows the trending of the searched keyword country wise. You have a choice of changing it to city wise if you have a more local approach to the post you are planning to write. For instance, if I am targeting the United States then, I have to change the region from Worldwide to the United States and then see the trending of the keyword for various regions of United States.

This tool is more helpful if I am targeting a particular city or state. In my case, I don’t have to bother much about the specific region.

# Related Searches – The most important of all the blocks in Google Trends to find trending topics

Google trends Related Searches

When you further scroll down you come to the last but the most important block i.e. the Related Searches. I am ignoring the topics column as it has no use in finding fresh topics with great trending but the Queries column is one which we have to worry about. . Here you will see all the queries related to your keyword and their trending. Just click on the new related keywords to find out their trending. You can use the rising tab to find out which related queries are rising in popularity on Google Trends. Rising tab is very helpful to find out which topics are likely to trend in future. This block helps us to find not only the trending topics but also to find related keywords that we can use with our target keyword.

The last Thoughts

Using Google trends along with other tools such as Google keyword planner, SEMrush and Google News can be very helpful in finding trending topics and new blog post ideas in your niche. No single tool is capable enough to decide the trending topic. You have to take the help of different tools but Google trends can simplify this process by making us concentrate some specific keywords.

Let me know your thoughts on using Google Trends in finding fresh and trending topics. Are you using it and if your answer is yes what is the outcome?

Please let us know what you think of the post in our comment section. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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