Content Marketing Strategy: How to get Web Traffic Without SEO

I discussed a lot about SEO and its effect on getting web traffic to your blog through my different articles on my blog. Today I came up with an idea of leaving SEO aside and discuss something new that you should adopt in your content marketing strategy. These tools will show you how you can prosper as a blogger without giving due consideration to SEO

 One question and we will be right on to our target topic. Is getting web traffic without SEO possible?

In my opinion, the answer is ‘Yes it is possible’. But, you will ask how? One thing I want to make it clear that Search engines are improving day by day and quality of content is given superiority over keyword stuffed content.  Thus, traditional SEO is not that important today as it used to be.

Also, SEO (search engine optimization) was not that critical ten years before. It was the era of the start of Mashable and Problogger. Pete Cashmore and Darren Rowse started their blogs on an aggressive note by posting 3-5 articles per day. Yes, that was their content posting frequency. Do you think that producing 3-5 quality articles while doing keyword research and SEO optimizations at the same time were possible?

What was their content marketing strategy which made them so successful with their blogs.The only content marketing strategy they depended on was the phrase ‘content is the king’.

Yes, they gave no importance to SEO but they just concentrated on posting 3-5 quality in-depth articles per day.

I took you back for ten years just to show you how important SEO was at that point of time. I don’t say that SEO will not give you results but SEO is not the only key to success.

SEO is the term marketed by SEO firms to sell their product. Thus, choose an SEO company that is goal oriented. To know more about how to choose an SEO firm to go through the below link

One reality will always exist and that is content is king and it will remain the king till the internet exists.

Today I will be going to share some techniques that present day successful bloggers adopted in their early days. These techniques helped them to succeed as a blogger.

content marketing strategy to get Web traffic without SEO

5 elements of content marketing Strategy to Getting Web Traffic without SEO

1. Frequency of posting

Search engines love frequently updated blogs. Whenever you post new posts, there is a rise in search impressions. You can see the details in the below post on the effect of updating the website on search engine traffic.

Thus, you should maintain a good frequency of posting. If you want quick success as a blogger try to post some content every day. Try to produce one killer blog post every week and post filler blog posts in rest of the weekdays. This would result not only in the increase of blog posts on your blog but also would increase the number of keywords for which you can rank for. This consistency of posting would take your search engine rankings higher day by day.

Don’t get confused about killer and filler blog. Killer blog is a blog that you generate with an idea of killing the present blogs on that topic. For example, if you find the maximum number of tips that were present on a topic of your interest to be 50. You can write a blog on the same topic giving 101 tips.

Filler blogs are the supportive blogs that we write to provide support to the killer blog. How to blogs can be considered as filler blogs.

2. Writing long blog posts

Many of you will ask me that if we can get website traffic without worrying about SEO, then what the hell all that stuff about SEO and keyword research present on the internet? Are they fooling us?

 No, not at all. They all are 100% right. Keyword research is important. At the same time, I read two articles from SEO experts.

One was from Neil Patel of Kissmetrics and other from Brian Dean of If you are connected to the SEO community, you must have gone through the articles written by both of them. They are very popular over there. These two clearly stated through their blogs that writing long content in the range of 2000-5000 words would automatically involve keywords and thus, we should not worry about keyword research when we are writing a long piece of content.

Thus, when we are writing an article of 2000-3000 words, important keywords are automatically included in the blog post. Also by following this way of writing, we can more deeply connect with our viewers. I personally feel that concentrating much on keyword research mostly results in poor interaction with the end user for whom we have written that article.

3. Quality of content

Blogging is not about writing long content consistently or frequently but it is all about producing quality content regularly. According to one of the posts from Search engine journal, if you are able to produce quality content more often, then you are really close to success as a blogger.

Writing articles consistently is important but the content should have quality attached to it. If not, you may get traffic but there will be no viewer engagement. Just writing what is already present on the internet won’t give you any positive results. You have to come up with your own ideas and thoughts to become a successful blogger.

Blogging is not less than a research article but in a conversational tone.  The quality of any article is defined by references you provide to value your statement.

4. Write viral content

You have to remember that search engines are not the only place to get web traffic but  social media is another powerful tool to get valuable web traffic to your blog. To get website traffic from social media platforms, SEO optimization of any kind is not at all required.

To get traffic from Social media you have to produce viral content that is more likely to be shared on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc..

Now the question arises, how to write a viral article.

The answer is very simple. If you go through the trending topics on Twitter and Facebook, then you will see that the topics that are trending are either controversial topics or recent news related topics. Thus, in order to produce viral content, either you have to create a controversy about some topic or cover a recent news related to the topic of your blog. You can also find trending topics using Google Trends.

Controversies and recent news topics attract more eyeballs on search because people are more eager to know about either a controversial matter or a news that is recently published. Thus, search engines also favour articles on those topics as more and more search is carried out for that special news or controversy by the search engine users.

5. Maintaining longevity

Longevity is an important factor to keep the search engines happy. We are humans and face many problems in our life. Due to these uncontrolled problems, many bloggers stop updating their blog. This is the point you should catch up with. You should post more at this point so you can move ahead of your fellow bloggers in the long run. Try to stick to a regular schedule of posting. According to one of the posts from Search Engine Journal, maintaining longevity will help you to step foot on your competitors head and move forward.

There are times when your competitors posting consistency is reduced. Step at this moment to move you ahead of them in the competition.

The last thoughts

SEO is a major factor to drive search engine traffic to your blog but it is not the key to success as a blogger. You have to follow the above mention content marketing strategy to achieve success. What I found was that writing new blogs consistently had a considerable effect on increasing the overall search impressions of the blog. Other strategies also help us to reduce the time we spend on keyword research and SEO.

What are your thoughts on this Content Marketing Strategy to draw Web traffic to your website without SEO. Let me know in the comment section below.

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