11 ultimate Blogging tips to write a great blog post

Planning to write a blog and not able to decide where to start; Ok then, I am here to provide some help in form of blogging tips which may clear your thought process. Before going to the procedure you should make it clear that you know thoroughly about the topic you are deciding to write. If it is not the condition then you may convey wrong information about the topic you covered in your blog. Writing a blog post is a passion and everyone should take it like that.

If you are writing to earn money from your blog then you can’t succeed as a blogger. You will eventually make money if you fetch useful and helpful information through you blog or post and following the tips mentioned in “How to write a good blog to earn from adsense” article. For writing a great blog post you should follow these blogging tips and procedures. By following these blogging tips you may be able to write a great blog post with good amount of details and accuracy. So let’s begin with the basics and then I will explain you how to make it beautiful.

“Writing comes from our heart, knowledge and expertise.”

11 ultimate blogging tips to wrie a great blog post

1.Selection of topic

Selection of topic for your blog post is one of the important blogging tips. I suggest you to write every topic of your interest on a piece of paper and choose the topic which you are more comfortable with.

This topic selection should be initially broad in nature and while the planning stage you can try to concentrate on a single matter within the topic. For example, ‘Adsense alternatives’ is a broad topic but Top 5 best and high paying adsense alternatives 2016 is a concentrated topic. After selecting the topic of your interest you can move to the next step.

2.Selecting a title for a blog post

Selecting a title for your blog post is an important step as it will decide the future fate of your blog. This is so because when anyone performs a search on any search engine related to the topic of your blog title of the blog helps the user to decide whether to visit your blog or not.

A blog title should be attractive and should try to explain the purpose for which the blog is built. For example, if I write  the title as ‘Adsense alternatives’ and only explain about 5 or 6 alternatives then the title of the blog is not exactly satisfying the purpose of the blog. It should be named as top 5 or top 6 Adsense alternatives.

You should always try to make a blog title attractive by using superlatives such as best, worst, good, high, low, top etc… which catches attention of the viewers.

3.Research over the selected topic

research on keywords blogging tips

After selecting the topic and deciding the title of the blog post, perform some research on the topic of your blog. This research should be carried out to determine what others have written on the topic of your interest.

This research carried out would help you to find the shortcomings that are present in the topic of your interest and also helps you to decide, what you have to cover in your blog post.

Try to write the shortcomings that you found and also the findings of your research on piece of paper. This research should be carried out by reading blogs of others online and can be made offline by reading books, magazines, newspapers etc..The research is required inorder to make your post a great blog post.

4.Planning the blog post

When you have researched thoroughly, you have to plan your blog post with proper headings and contents. Write all the subtopics that you will cover in your blog one by one. These subtopics should go as headings. Also write in short that what you are going to under each heading. Planning a blog is required as it will help you to maintain the flow of your article. Writing flow is very important as it will keep the reader interested. This will help to turn your blog into a great blog post.

5.Writing the blog post

After completing the planning phase, the paper work is over and you have to start tying the blog according to the plan you make with proper headings, sub headings, images, videos etc…

6.Size of the blog post

Many bloggers wonder that what should be the size of the blog. In my opinion the blog should be not too big or too small. Try to keep your blog contained within 500-2000 words. Although the size is decided by the topic you are covering but if you are covering a big topic try to cover that in more than one blog. This is because trying to cover everything in one blog would reduce your efficiency and accuracy. Also by splitting the blog, you can provide the information more precisely and accurately. Writing a smaller blog is also important because it saves time of the reader. This can be done by making your blog more descriptive in nature and avoiding use of unnecessary sentences and quotes. Imagine at the exam time we prefer notes made by us rather than books as they are more descriptive and in short form which helps us to grasp the matter faster than books. Great blog posts over the internet are of about 2000 words as per various researches carried out. Even they rank higher on search engine results pages of any search engine.

7.Use of Images

Wherever possible try to describe the matter by using images which would make your blog not only more informative and descriptive but also increases the beauty of the blog. Use of images increases the attraction of your blog and also helps to keep the blog short and sweet.

Infographics can be great aid to your blog that will not only increase attraction but also increase quality of information shared. Canva is a great site for making infographics for free. The image to the left is an example of infographics indicating a connection between writing and earning money. Use of images and infographics makes a post great blog post.

Note:- You have to use your own images with Canva to use their free service

8.Use of videos

Videos can also be used in the blogs but don’t use them uselessly. Use videos only when they are required. Use of videos without any reason would make the blog post look filthy. When videos are used, written content of the blog should be kept to minimum and video should be basically in the form of a guide.

9.Proper placement of images, videos and content

This part is very important as it makes your blog interesting. The images and videos placed must be connected to the content you are describing. If there is a mismatch between the blog content and the media that you are using, then your blog would not be appreciated much. Although you have written a good article then also your post will not have quality and repeat visitors.

10.Use of proper font, font size and font color

Use of proper and readable fonts is an important part. Use simple fonts for your blog such as Ariel, Times New Roman, Calibri… etc.. Use different fonts for quotes and main content. You can use different fonts for headings, subheadings and paragraphs but the font should be clear and readable. The font size should not be too small or too big for the paragraphs that you write. Use of too big fonts makes the paragraphs look bigger in size and also makes it unreadable. The font size of headings should always be larger than that of the paragraph. Quotes should be in inverted commas and can be used in italic. Try to bold the important parts of the paragraph. Use different colors for the headings but try to keep the paragraph color black. Don’t use too many font colors in a blog which would make your blog look like a drawing book of class 1 child and also such blogs are irritating for the eyes.

11.Use of links

Links should be used in your blog in order to refer some topics that are related to your blog. As I mentioned, everything about a topic cannot be covered in a single blog post. Thus some parts or topics should be referred by means of hyperlinks to other blog posts of your own or if necessary even reference can be given to webpages of other websites that are relevant to  the content of your webpage. Try to use the links to refer to a topic of your own blog. If you have not written any blog related to the current topic, you can also refer it the posts, websites or blogs of others. Don’t use too many hyperlinks on a single blog.

The last Thoughts

In order to produce a good piece of content, select a broad area suitable for you about which you have sufficient knowledge. Then select a specific topic in that broad area and perform necessary research to understand the shortcoming in that area. Now you are ready to write a blog post but don’t forget to decorate it with images, videos and other media. Make it more informative by adding interlinks and outbound links and that’s it a good blog with lots of information and content is ready.

“By following these blogging tips you can write a beautiful, good looking, rich in content, descriptive and great blog post. Always remember that any of these blogging tips are only helpful if you are writing a unique and original article.”

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