6 blog Topic Generator Tools to Find a Niche

When I started blogging 5 years back I had a lot of ideas and wrote some really content rich blog posts for various blogs. As the time passed I was short of content ideas. Then I searched over the internet for content idea generators but I was not satisfied with just random post title generators. It was very hectic for me to find out what is actually a content idea generator or blog topic generator.

I wanted answer to the question- How to find a niche? Then, I started researching various online tools like Google Trends, various news sites and various other online resources and came up with a list of these tools that really helped me in finding new content topics.

I am going to share my experience with what I consider as a real blog topic generator.

blog topic generator

“When we are writing for a blog then we may come across a serious problem of lack of blog content ideas. To overcome this problem there are various tools that can help to get fresh blog post ideas”.

What is blog topic Generator?

Not wasting too much time let me explain what a real content idea generator is. It is a topic generator which provides us with blog post ideas that are fresh and more likely to be shared and discussed by the users. These topics should go with the present trending in your niche.

For example, my blog is distributed into blogging, SEO, make money online related topics and thus, the blog topic generator should fetch me with topics related to these categories. Don’t get confused between title generator and a content idea generator. Both are different terms. The former gives you catchy titles and the latter gives you fresh content ideas.

What are fresh blog ideas?

Fresh blog ideas are the ideas that are new to the topic of your niche and are having more chance of being shared by your visitors. Fresh blog ideas appeal more social shares and higher search volumes.

Frankly speaking, no single tool can give you the joy of both content idea generation and freshness. So, I am going to give you a list of tools that are collectively helpful in generating fresh blog ideas.

By using these tools you not only be able to search a fresh blog post topic but you will definitely get new ideas regarding fresh niches that have not yet been exploited.

6 blog topic generator tools to get fresh blog post ideas

1. Google News

google news blog topic generator

Google news is a very great place to search for content ideas related to your topic. Just search for the keyword related to which you want the recent news.  Why should you believe in Google News? The answer is very simple. Google news display web pages that are very reputed and that are updated daily or very frequently. These websites publish recent topics with fresh blog ideas. Thus, you can use them for reference. Aggregation of blog posts displayed in Google News is a good option to generate great blog post topics. I personally love this tool as a blog topic generator.

Try to combine blogs that are not more than 3 months old. Doing so will give you a fresh blog post idea. Also, try to give credits to the writers whom you are referring

2. Google Trends

Google trends blog topic generator

Google Trends is a great but underrated tool for generating fresh ideas. You can easily find trending topics in your area of interest using this tool.

Just make a search of the keyword and you can find its trending. You can also find its trending region wise. The best thing about this tool is that it presents you with other related queries related to your keyword.

I use this tool for finding trending topics in my area. This is one of the best blog topic generators for generating great blog post ideas. The tool also helped me to explore new niches that are trending in my field. For more details regarding using Google Trends go through the below link

3. Keyword research tools

keyword research tool blog topic generator

Keyword research tools like SEMrush and Google keyword planner are not only for doing keyword research and finding the keyword competition but can also be used for generating blog post ideas.

Search for keywords with high volume and forget about other things like competition and CPC. Just make a search on Google to find the blog posts related to that topic. Find a keyword that has high search volume but has very less or no topics written on it. This is a tedious task but the best way to generate a blog post idea that will get great traffic from the first day. You can find more about using keyword research for generating fresh blog post ideas by following below link

4. Buzz Sumo

buzz sumo blog topic generator

Buzz Sumo is a great place to find most shared content on any website. You have to just make a search on the website for it. Type the keyword or the website and it will give the most viral content of any blog or related to any keyword. Remember it is not a free tool. But it will give you 10 results without updating. Just go for it. This tool is worth having to generate fresh blog topic ideas. It is one such blog topic generator that can make you blog socially viral.

5. Quora, Reddit

Many bloggers underrate Quora and Reddit but I consider them as great tools to generate blog topic ideas that are related to real users. Especially Quora where users ask questions. If a lot of blogs are present for the topic of the question asked, just ignore that question. You can write a blog with the same title of the question if you find no topics related to that question. I usually use Quora to find out problems that are related to real users.

Reddit can be very influential where many topics are discussed on open grounds. Just go through this tool by yourself. Every user can find their own way to find topics on Reddit. There are subreddits. Subscribe to the relevant subreddits related to your area of interest. Read reviews and other comments to find a fresh topic. Reddit is a great tool not only to generate blog topic ideas but also to increase your knowledge. I am a big fan of Reddit as it gives me an actual picture of the needs of real users in the same way as Quora does.

6. Reading comments

Reading comments on various famous and highly rated blogs in the field of your interest is also a great way to generate blog topic ideas. Reading comments is a great blog topic generator that can be used to not only generate blog topics ideas but to know what the readers are thinking about any blog. You can find out the weakness of a blog post by reading the comments. You can go for a kill after that. This is the way I go on various blog topics.

The last thoughts

I gave you a list of various blog topic generators that can be used to develop great blog posts. If these tools are used in integration with each other, great blog posts having a viral proportion and traffic generation ability can be developed. I use them for generating blog post ideas that are generating considerable traffic and appreciation for my blog.

 Please share your thoughts on these blog topic generators. Are there any other blog topic generators? Let me know in my comment section.

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