Adsense 6 month rule for New Bloggers

What is 6 month rule ?

It is very annoying for some people when they see a 6 month rule for their website laid by Adsense. Now wondering what is this rule? Basically it is a rule of common sense that says that your website has to be 6 months old before you can really value your site in terms of earning. This 6 month rule is only applicable to sites belonging to India and China but I am not talking about Adsense rule but a sequence of procedures to be followed by new bloggers over a period of 6 months for their blog.

Adsense 6 month rule for new bloggers

 A 6 month rule has to be actually followed  by every blogger which will help to reveal the true potential of the blog.  So let me explain the rule month by month to make it more clear.

Choosing a platform and adding content (Month1)

Assuming that you had already bought a domain name for your website and selected the broad topic of your interest, you should now select a platform to build your blog for instance WordPress. For more information regarding writing a blog you can go through

After selecting the platform now choose a proper theme for your website to suit the content of the blog. Start adding content and add at least 15 blogs in the first month. Don’t do any promotion at this stage.

 Search engine optimization and auditing (Month 2)

Search engine optimization is an integral part of the blog which makes your blog search engine friendly. If you have selected WordPress as your platform then there are many plugins for performing search engine optimization.

In my opinion use Yoast plugin which is the most user friendly and very helpful for beginners. After performing search engine optimization (SEO)  audit your website. This can be done freely or paid. Auditing is performing a check whether your website is search engine friendly or not. To know more about Search engine optimization go through the bellow links

Tweaking the blog (Month 3)

After auditing a report will be generated indicating good and bad parts your blog. Tweak your blog accordingly to make it more search engine friendly. This part will not be easy because sometimes you have to make many changes to the blog content, title, meta description etc….This part will take a month time. Be patient and work carefully.

Note: Don’t add too many blogs before auditing as it will make your task of modification difficult.

After you have completed auditing move the next phase i.e. to website promotion.

Note:- If you are using WordPress platform Yoast like plugins  will make your life easy as auditing will not give too many errors or even no errors.

Submission to search engines and free promotion (month 4)

A website or blog is nothing without audience or visitors. Traffic comes from promotions. Don’t go for paid promotions right away. Try to promote your website of blog for free.

The first part of promotions starts will submitting your website to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Submission of website is totally free. This part is not at all necessary but by submitting your website or blog to the search engines makes search engine visibility of your website faster. Although each search engine is having its own crawler algorithm that finds your blog and its pages one day or the other.

Make social media presence stronger for your website by making Social media pages and accounts for your blog individually. At this stage don’t try to comment on other blogs or answer questions on forums. This is because you are not having a good reputation as blogger and even if you comment or give answers you will remain unnoticed.

Note:- Submission of website is submitting the sitemap of your website which is basically in .xml format or may be an html file with Urls of all your pages or posts.

Content addition (Month 5)

After you have properly adopted the free promotion techniques for you blog or website, now try to add at least 10 blogs in the 5th month.

This will increase the content of you website. Addition of content at this stage should be in accordance with the search engine optimization (SEO) and auditing you have done earlier. Also post your pages to the social media accounts you created.

Waiting for traffic and Paid promotion ( Month 6)

This is the last phase of the 6 month rule which requires your patience. Wait for traffic to come . Promote your website more aggressively than before. Start commenting on the other websites as for now your website or blog has gained some visitors and at the same time you also gained some reputation as blogger.

You can go for paid promotion of your website or blog at this stage using proper channels. Try to start with Google Adwords as it is the biggest advertising network with high quality of publishers at its kitty. Having high quality publishers will ensure that you will get high quality visitors to your website. Also it is a contextual network and thus works best for each advertiser.

Note:- Remember, the reputation of the author depends upon the traffic he draws to the website and also on the content of the website.

So please try to keep your blog topics fresh.

The Last Thoughts

After you have completed all the hard work by writing content, promoting website for free, paid promotion at the last stage; choose a proper monetizing source such as Adsense or affiliate marketing for you blog as without money no blog can survive. In my opinion go for Adsense as a beginner and later go for affiliate marketing when your traffic grows with time. If you want to go for Adsense alternatives you can check these alternatives in the below link.

  • Top 5 best and high paying Google adsense alternatives

This is a 6 month rule for a website. This is required because making a website is not only sharing content but also to get visitors. Without visitors no knowledge can be shared. Larger is the audience group larger will be the traffic and higher will be the potential of your website to earn.

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