7 WordPress Plugins You Must Have For A Successful Business

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Over the years, WordPress has emerged as the most powerful tool for creation and management of all types of business websites. As of now, there are around 15,886,000 websites that are effectively using WordPress and publishing more than 17 posts on WordPress sites across the globe each passing second. This certainly substantiates the fact that WordPress is one of the most preferred open source platforms. Apart from the rich-features and performance-excellence, a great share of its popularity goes to the Plugins that it offers. A right set of Plugings, not only improves the overall UX but also adds efficiency and ease in site-management. Let’s have a look at 7 WordPress plugins enlisted that are a must-have for making your business successful in 2017.

1. Backup Buddy
The technical glitches like server crash, malware, hacking, user error etc., can wipe off all the important content of your business website. Since host backups aren’t efficient enough to protect your business data, you can keep it safe by installing Backup Buddy plugin. Backup Buddy keeps a backup of all your business data and lessens the efforts put in restoring everything, thus contributing to making your business successful.

2. Beaver Builder
A business website that is unable to keep the users engaged drags down the business from reaching successful heights. To give a creative boost to your business, especially in the present day scenario, one should turn towards Beaver Builder plugin. By installing Beaver Builder plugin, the whole appearance of your business site on WordPress can be transformed immediately, which ultimately adds to your business success. This WordPress plugin can help you change the skin and pages of the website simply by dragging the selected theme in some simple clicks without affecting any kind of data that is present on your business website.

3. BirchPress
In this fast-paced world, no one wants a delay in their daily schedules, especially when it is related to the business. Business persons who are engrossed in work and have no time to make a schedule for appointments are the ones who should get BirchPress installed for their business website. BirchPress is a simple-to-use plugin designed for business sites on WordPress. Users get an opportunity to fix, re-schedule or cancel their appointments with the help of this WordPress plugin; thus, creating a positive effect on your business.

4. Testimonials Widget
Testimonials play a key role in uplifting a business company’s image. Testimonials can easily help in boosting the business by a whopping 21%-26%. Each testimonial is a reflection of the relationship that a client has established with the business company. Testimonials Widgets is the best WordPress plugin used by top-notch businesses to get various testimonials published on their website. Testimonials widget has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simpler for people to write testimonials.

5. WPForms
Loaded with many useful features like Drag & Drop form builder, preset form templates, and much more, WPForms is one of the best WordPress plugins for a business website. It is designed with a smart user interface and makes it convenient to create different forms using just a few clicks. Whether it is an e-mail form, subscription form, payment form or an order form, WPForms allows creating different forms without any extra efforts.

6. Fresh Books
All business companies have to maintain their financial accounts in order to perform a timely analysis of the success or failure of their endeavors. Keeping a record of the yearly financial record becomes quick and easy once you install Fresh Books WordPress plugin. It is a plugin designed for business sites that run on WordPress, especially for maintaining daily/monthly accounts by updating & receiving bills and invoices digitally. The installation of Fresh Books plugin reduces the time spent on paper-billing and can be accessed from different devices like iPad, smartphone, phablet, laptop etc.

7. SEMRush
It becomes essential for a business company to stay updated with the latest trends for an increased digital marketing. This can be best monitored by installing SEMRush WordPress plugin for a successful business. This plugin allows you to take a look at the strategies (most probably keywords) that are used by your competitors and come up with better options for your site. You can check out the paid keywords and traffic on your competitor’s website as well using this WordPress Plugin.

Even the slightest shortcoming of the wordpress website can hamper the business; these plugins would help in overcoming these shortcomings and boost the chances of getting success in any business venture. Whether the business companies have positioned themselves or are in the beginner’s phase, these WordPress plugins help in gaining a competitive edge along with making the business website dynamic and intuitive. The above-mentioned 7 WordPress plugins are some of the most important plugins that every business must have in order to climb the ladder of success in 2017.

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