5 Blog Promotion Tips

The first thing you should do in order to get your blog promoted is to make it recognizable, which is why it is important to introduce yourself to every visitor. In case with a personal blog, to put your photo, name and brief description of what you do on its home page. Remind as often as you can that you are the author.

Taking it seriously is the key to a successful development of your blog. You should have a content plan with a list of topics and plans of publications at least for a month ahead. You should follow the plan without question. Diverse articles are to be written like reviews, tips, news, interviews with famous people, infographic. In this case, only a promotion of a blog by articles is to be effective. Also, choose a style of writing of your own, a distinguishing style of writing to present you only. Do not be afraid to experiment, know your target audience.

Search engine optimization is required. Not of your blog only but also of whole website. Keep in mind the following important things:

  • To organize a site indexing and to make faster if necessary.
  • Duplication of content and duplicates of the site`s pages.
  • Validation of the site.
  • “Breadcrumbs” and so on.

Link profile.

Just like in case with all the other websites, increasing of link masses are needed for a blog promotion on the net.

Talking to a reader.

Promotion a blog with articles shows better results in case an author is able to talk to his readers. Apart from it to fit in the content in a full sense of the word with all the harmony, what you write should call for action to ask questions commenting and not to forget to give answers.

In addition, you should publish on a regular basis, promote through social networks, distribution, acquaintances with popular bloggers, video lessons, make visiting cards with your blog`s address, conduct trainings and your blog is going to be successful.

Apart from the websites where search advertising and SEO are used, a blog may become popular through conducting trainings on something you are good at or to what your blog could be dedicated to. You may have your visiting cards in a drawer and to start visiting community mobilization events (seminars, conferences) and give them away there. Using different types of video lessons, one may organize promotion on YouTube channel dedicated to your blog. New acquaintances are always a good thing. Blog promotion is not an exception. You leave comments on their publications asking them to do the same when it comes to comments of your articles. Suggest your readers in a non-intrusive kind of way to subscribe in order not to miss new posts. Doing so, you will not make it to where you become forgotten, make the amount of visits higher, the promotion of your blog will become more effective. It is needless to describe the process of your blog promotion via social media but for those who do not know all the peculiarities, create sites, publics, dedicated to your blog and be active. It goes without saying that posting new stuff regularly is going to make it to where your readers will always be interested in what is going on the pages of your blog.

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