27 Disastrous Blogging Mistakes every blogger needs to know

Blogging mistakes for new bloggers

As a blogger, it is obvious that we may commit some mistakes. You should know that “Why you have a blog?”. Every business owner has certain goals with his blog. Whether it is generating sales, reaching target audience or just spreading knowledge, we are always excited to convey our idea to others but, we must look forward to several blogging mistakes that we may commit in the process.  Before going to the blogging mistakes, your should know the steps of writing a blog post

  1. Keyword Research- Doing proper keyword research and find the target keyword
  2. Article Generation- Doing research on the selected topic and writing an informative blog post
  3. Post-publishing tasks- promoting the post, link building, sharing, etc..

Wait, before you hit that publish button, you must answer the following questions to yourself, and if you are satisfied then, only a post must be published.

Is your content unique and offer something new?

Is your post interesting?

Have you overused advertisements on your post?

Are there any errors on your page?

Is your post readable?

Is your post visually appealing?

Have you followed the basics of SEO?

If you are satisfied, then check for these blogging mistakes I am going to discuss. I had classified errors based on the steps of blogging i.e. keyword research, writing, SEO and post-publishing tasks

Do What Your Heart Feels and not what others say

Poor keyword research

1 Not giving importance to keyword research

Keyword research is an important part of any blog post. A proper keyword research ensures the success of any article and thus, it should be given due consideration.

Some, bloggers neglect Keyword research and go on writing articles with no success. Some of my viewers complained that they are writing long blog posts as suggested by mighty bloggers like Neil Patel but not getting results.

When I evaluated their post, I found that they are covering keywords that no one is searching for. Thus, keyword research is a must to know about the queries of your target audience without which your post is a waste of time.

2 Neglecting the power of long tail keywords

No one is searching for generic terms with a particular goal. For example, is a person is searching for termLong tail keywords to for low competitionSEO’ then his intentions are not clear. Is he looking for an SEO firm, SEO services or wants to learn about SEO or he is searching for a person whose name involves SEO.

The concept behind this explanation is that the traffic from such search term would not be highly targeted. So, what is the solution?

The simple solution is looking for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are an extended phrase version of the generic keyword. For instance, On page SEO for newbies, SEO statistics for small businesses, etc..

The main advantage with these keywords is their low competitive nature which makes them suitable for ranking a new blog post.

Many may question that the search volume for long tail keywords is low, but it is tough to rank for generic keywords as there are already tons of big players around. Long tail keywords can give your business a kick start.

3 Trying to compete with big players

This is one of the blogging mistakes I had committed when I started this blog. I wrote long informative posts, better than my competitors (big players) but failed to reach the even 3rd page of search engine’s result page.

The only reason for this misfortune is my desire to compete with big players in my field. Let us assume that you want to produce a list of top 10 gadgets this year, but if you search for that term on Google, you will find websites with Domain authority more than 5o.

Do you think you can rank for that keyword? If your blog is having a Domain Authority (DA) of near 40 and you find a post with Page Authority((PA) less than 30, then there is an opportunity for you if not, search for a different keyword. Use Moz Bar to find Domain and Page authority. It can be downloaded from Chrome extensions. You just have to make a free account with MOZ to use this tool.

Bad writing tactics

1 Not writing in a flow

When we are writing, a connection between sentences is a must. Disconnected sentences result in a bad user experience. Also, poor sentence structure leads to poor user experience.

I personally feel that not connecting sentences with each other shows poor communication skill at your end resulting in high bounce rates.

2 Keyword stuffing

You had done an extensive keyword research, but it is of no use if you are stuffing keywords in your blog post. If I am going to mention 100 times on page SEO keyword on my post “25 On Page SEO techniques” how you will feel reading it. It is not liked by users nor by Google.

In the Google HummingBird era, you will be definitely penalized for such actions. Also, if you are not caught, then poor user experience would lead to the failure of your blog post

3 Uninformative posts

I had asked you to answer some questions at the beginning of this post. Is your post unique and adds new information? If you are curating content then also the post should be unique in itself and should add some extra what others have failed to do.

Are, you trying to produce some unique content or you are just another blogger copying from others and writing it in your own words?

It is you who are going to answer this question. The fact is that you are not a researcher nor you are an investor to do something special. Then, how we are going to add uniqueness and new touch to our post? The answer is simple. If you are planning to write a post about SEO mistakes, then try reading not only on SEO mistakes but SEO strategies, and SEO basics. Grasp some strategies and convert them to mistakes.

It is a simple technique, and you can try this with different articles. Build a list what others had not made. This is the best tactic of my blogging career.

4 Not using images and videos in your post

Research shows that a visually appealing post attracts more viewers as compared to a dull blog post without pictures. Not adding photos and videos to your post is the biggest blogging mistake a blogger executes.

Images add extra information to your post. For example, I saw a long tail dinosaur on a post related to long tail keywords. It was very cute at the same time represented the power of long tail keywords from its head to tail.

You can be creative with images but also should add some screenshots to make your post more informative.

If you are using videos then, keep your content to a minimum and let the video do the talking.

5 Not generating compelling content

Is your content interesting and persuasive? If not no one will be interested too. Now how to make your content interesting?

It is quite an intelligent question. A user gets interested in your article if he is getting new information with each passing step on your post.

As explained earlier, if you want your articles to be engaging and exciting, connect sentences, add images and videos for visual appeal, and avoid rubbish explanations. This is all you want.

Not generating compelling content is one of the biggest blogging mistakes as it directly affects the trust on your post. This may result in lower returning visitors to your blog.

6 Using long complex sentences

I was reading an article of 1000 words with long and complex sentences that made me confused. I was not able to understand the meaning of many sentences. On the other hand, when I read long articles of Blog Tyrant, I never have to read the sentence again.

I had read the complex sentence again, others will not do that. They will just leave your page and look for other options.

So, try to keep your sentences as small as possible.

7 Ignoring the fact-Quality wins over Quantity

I want to have more posts on my blog. I will break the record of the number of posts published. Do you have any thoughts like that? If yes then you are making a fool out of yourself.

If you are writing every day, then from where do you get ideas? Ok, you got at idea then what about research?

Can you do all these things at the same time? I can’t do that. Yes, if you have a team then it is possible.

The fact is that writing quality always wins over quantity. I prefer having 40 quality in-depth blog posts rather than having a blog with 100 posts that share no helpful information.

Take the example of Neil Patel. His articles go up to 7000 words, but they are very profound and exciting.

I don’t have to mention this, but I tried to compete with him with one of my 700 words article. Guess what, the post never reached up to page 5 of search results. The reason was simple, quality, quality and quality.

So, never fall into the trap of this blogging mistake. Although, there are many blogs promoting quantity but research had always proven them wrong.

8 Not giving irresistible and compelling headlines

A post headline plays a significant role in defining the click through rate of your post. Thus, the article title should be compelling and attractive.

For, example look at this title “On page SEO techniques” and the other one “The On page SEO techniques to rank on the first page.” Which one you will click? Obviously the second one.

I like trying different things with my post titles. You should have your own thoughts. I will not go deep into this topic as it is your personal choice that which title you feel as compelling.

9 Lacking authority in your tone

Only say something when you are 100 % sure. If not may, might and other possibilities will not work for you.

If I am recommending something, I will write you must do this and so should you. This is called as authoritative tone.

Don’t write about possibilities but write about affirmations. Also, follow the same tactic in your headings. You must use words like must and should which gives more authority to your writing tone.

Common SEO mistakes

seo mistakesSearch engine optimization is a must for any blog. Selecting a low competition keyword and writing an excellent piece of content is all waste of time without a proper SEO strategy.

There are various SEO mistakes to avoid but here are few I have to mention.

1 Not including keyword in your headline

2 Not mentioning your keyword in the first paragraph

3 Not using keyword more frequently in your post

4 Images with no Alt tags

5 Not using LSI keywords

I had covered this topic in detail in one of my earlier posts. To know more in  details go through the below link

15 SEO mistakes that lead to no blog traffic

Blogging bad practices

Writing great content is not just enough. There are some Blogging best practices you should follow to keep your blog fresh and informative. Here is a list of the most significant Blogging bad practices that you should avoid

1 Irregular posting schedules

Irregular posting is the biggest blogging mistake you can commit. Your viewers have the right to know when you are going to post your new article. If you are posting weekly, then let it be. Don’t post daily and if you are posting daily then stick to that schedule.

Also, blogs with regular posting schedule rank higher on the search result’s page. The only reason behind this is the viewers they get at regular posting intervals resulting in higher social shares and more back links.

In my opinion, stick to a regular posting schedule. If you don’t have anything to publish, just find a good Youtube video, give it a title and explain it in 300-500 words, and share it on your blog and you are done.

2 Writing about already published content

I read an excellent informative article on blogging mistakes, then why I am writing this post? The question is great. Am I just copying their content and giving my view? Check it out by yourself.

I found some flaws in those articles, and I am trying to rectify them. This is the way to go. I am not doing research on content marketing or blogging. I am just a hobby blogger who likes sharing his thoughts and experience, and thus, I write what I feel is right, and you should do the same.

Do some research and write what you want and not what others are feeling about a  topic. If you follow this tactic of blogging, then you are already half successful as a blogger.

3 Expecting too much in short span

Blogging is a long road. You have to work hard day and night to achieve success. Keyword research, SEO and writing quality content is not an easy task.

If you think that your post will become famous overnight, then I feel that you are expecting too much. Yes if a  blog is already getting tons of traffic, then it is a piece of cake for them, but it is not the case with small websites.

Even, I recently read a post by Neil Patel where he explicitly mentioned that he has started getting traffic for his 4-year-old article now. I don’t say that it is impossible to succeed as a new blogger, but you have to wait at least 1-2 years before you start getting results.

Don’t expect too much in a short span and fall into the trap of black hat SEO tactics.

4 Not exploring the power of Social sharing

Who doesn’t know the power of Social media? Each passing day is making the social networking sites better. If you are not using Social sharing as one of your blog promotion technique, then it is the biggest promotional mistake you are making.

Create at least a  Facebook fan page, a twitter account and a Google Plus page dedicated to your blog. Try connecting to people who are in the same field of your niche. Grow your network slowly over a year and see the results.

5 Overlooking user comments

Overlooking viewer comments is one more blogging mistake that you should avoid. If you are not answering the queries in your comment section, it shows your ego.

The result is that you will lose audience in the long run. I asked a question in the comment section a big blog but never received any reply, and thus, I stopped following that blog.

If you are unable to attend to the questions of your viewers, then please remove the comment section from your blog. This is the best solution to avoid loosing returning visitors.

6 Not adding trending/recent posts on your Sidebar

This is one more blogging mistake which results in lower viewer engagement. I always add a trending and recent posts widget to my sidebar.

Sometimes viewers are not interested in the post they landed but finds something interesting on your sidebar. This gives you increased audience engagement.

But, there is one exception. Don’t use more than 5 posts per category i.e. 5 for Trending posts and 5 for Recent posts. That’s it. If you are showing too many say 10 to 20 posts then, it becomes difficult for an average human to choose from the content.

Sometimes giving too many options is also dangerous. Learn from your online shopping experience. Let us say you want to buy a shirt and you are presented with 50 shirts of the style you want. Then, Which one you will choose? Your must have got my point.

7 Covering topics out of your capacity

Covering topics out of your capacity is one of the biggest blogging mistakes. If you are an individual and want to cover 5-6 topics on your blog, then please hire some professional writers for that. Take my example. I can’t write about everything my blog has. I hire professionals on Fiverr and iwriter to do the job for me.

If I write about SEO, blogging, technology, Web hosting and WordPress myself, then I will not be able to provide the quality that I include in the posts like this one.

So, decide for your capacity and act accordingly. Also, niche sites are ranked higher on search engines than blogs that discuss a variety of topics.

8 No promotion

Although I don’t do much of this stuff, little advertising is necessary for every website. If you don’t want to go for paid promotion like me, then it is ok. Promote your blog on social media which is the best tool. Also, do use the power of forums which can give you good traffic.

I personally use social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Stumbleupon to promote my blog.

9 Avoiding communities and interaction with fellow bloggers

I always believe in communication. Have you ever heard, communication bridges the gap? If yes then you should contact your fellow bloggers regarding your problems and posts.

I know there are some big ego-nose bloggers out there but not everyone is the same. At leat give it a try. Also join blogging communities relevant to your field. This will provide you an opportunity to share your work with them and also with their viewers.

Try to convince them to add your post as a guest post on their blogs. If you go with a good idea, no one will deny as they also want good content for their blog.

10 Covering Broad area

This is the Worst Blogging mistake you can commit. For example, If I want to write an article with the heading ” How to do blogging?’ What do you think? How big I should go? In my opinion, I will not be able to cover the topic in 15000 words also. Let us assume that I had covered the topic, then who will read such a long post. On the

In my opinion, I will not be able to cover the topic in 15000 words also. Let us assume that I had covered the topic, then who will read such a long post. On the contrary, if I cover the topic in 1500 words then it is not sufficient for the issue. The article will not be through.

Thus, keep your topics narrow, and you can generate great in-depth content. On the other hand, if you want to cover a broad topic, then create 10-15 narrow in-depth posts and then curate them on a single post with a different title.


We are humans. We can create mistakes, and we also have the capability to rectify them, and this quality makes us superior. Some of the blogging mistakes discussed are for very blog big or small, but some are only for small niches. What is find annoying is that a new blogger doesn’t plan for his articles and fall in the trap of all these blogging mistakes.

The best way to avoid these errors is to be patient. Never hope for results too early and also don’t be in a hurry while you publish your new post. Not only proofread the post but also optimize it for SEO and better readability.

What are your thoughts on these blogging mistakes?

Let me know through your comments. Please don’t forget to share this post before you leave.


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