12 Plugins each WordPress blog should have

WordPress plugins are of great help when it comes to managing a blog or website without knowing anything about coding. There are many plugins for each category available for download. The WordPress plugin usability ranges from basic tasks like cache management, search engine optimization, social bookmarking and login protection to advanced tasks that involve blog maintenance, creating automated backups, anti-spam protection and various other security measures.

Although you have a tons of plugins to choose from, you must at least install one plugin from each category.These are the must have WordPress plugins you should have on any blog.

Below I differentiated the category of plugins that you should have on your blog.

They are :

  1. Cache Plugin
  2. SEO plugin
  3. Social Bookmarking plugin
  4. Login protection
  5. Comment system plugin
  6. Backup plugin
  7. Maintenance plugin
  8. Url Management
  9. Anti spam plugin
  10. Security Analysis
  11. Contact plugin
  12. Plugin bundles

Infographic: WordPress plugins 101

Must have plugins for WordPress by WP Solver

According to WP Solver, the most popular WordPress plugins fall in the SEO category which is quite obvious as most of the bloggers are more concerned about on page SEO.

Also, as a blogger I personally know that how important analytics are for me and so is the case for others. Thus, Analytics and statistics plugin category is the second most popular category which is followed by images, anti-spam, contact, social, tagging and social plugins. However, the popularity of social plugins is increasing with each passing day with the introduction of tools like buffer.

Caching plugins are more popular with bloggers using shared hosting plans who require more speed at low cost. And talking about Plugin bundles, Jetpack is the only best option I could find on WordPress.

The others category involve plugins related to affiliate marketing, advertisement management, content curation and management, and shortcodes for beautification. I personally feel that short codes are losing popularity due to Google giving more significance to Mobile usability.

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