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Top 10 WordPress Resources You Will Ever Need

Top 10 WordPress Resources You Will Ever Need

What are the most useful WordPress websites out there? The truth is, there are hundreds of sites that are dedicated in one way or another to WordPress, the software website that dominates the blogosphere. But, if you are going to really get involved in WordPress, here are the ten most essential sites you can find on the internet:


Wordpress SEO Strategy

WordPress SEO: Anatomy of a perfectly SEO optimized page

WordPress is the best, and the most user-friendly CMS( content management system) WordPress is considered to be highly SEO optimized but still it requires further SEO optimizations. So, let us discuss the anatomy of a perfectly optimized WordPress site that has perfectly structured SEO. In this article, we will go through the different aspects of WordPress SEO that are to be taken into consideration for correctly optimizing our WordPress site for SEO.…

Search experience Optimization

Is it the right time to rebrand SEO to search experience optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO or Search experience optimization whatever you may call. Everyone around the blogosphere is talking about the transformation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Search Experience Optimization. Many experts had even declared this the era of Search experience optimization. Everything over here is very confusing.…

151+ guest blogging sites to submit guest posts

151+ guest blogging sites to submit guest posts

When you are a newbie Guest posting is an excellent way of building trust and authority for yourself as a blogger. Guest blogging can help you to reach your audience by using traffic from a different blog. The beauty of Guest blogging is that you get audience and referral traffic from the first day.…

How to use Viral Content buzz to get more Social Shares

How to use Viral Content Buzz to get more Social Shares

Social media is an important platform to provide social traffic and make your content viral. Social media can be very useful in creating a great buzz for your content. The first step that you take is started sharing your content on your personal social media accounts.…

content marketing strategy to get Web traffic without SEO

Content Marketing Strategy: How to get Web Traffic Without SEO

I discussed a lot about SEO and its effect on getting web traffic to your blog through my different articles on my blog. Today I came up with an idea of leaving SEO aside and discuss something new that you should adopt in your content marketing strategy.…

Effect of publishing a new blog post on organic traffic

How publishing a new blog post can effect organic traffic ?

Updating your blog and posting a new blog post frequently and consistently plays a very important role in defining organic traffic for your website. Today I am going to present you with a case study on my own website. This case study will cover the impressions that are generated in Google search whenever I post a new blog post on my website.…

blog topic generator

6 blog topic generator tools to get fresh blog post ideas

When I started blogging 5 years back I had a lot of ideas and wrote some really content rich blog posts for various blogs. As the time passed I was short of content ideas. Then I searched over the internet for content idea generators but was not satisfied with just random post title generators.…

blog post ideas using keyword research tools

How to use keyword research to generate fresh blog post ideas?

Every other blogger explains about keyword tools for keyword research. I had explained a lot about keyword research too. Today I am going to explain the way to use Keyword research to generate fresh blog post ideas.

What are you thinking? How can this be done?…

How to use Google Trends to find out Trending topics in your niche

How to use Google Trends to find out Trending topics in your Niche

Google Trends has been an underrated yet very powerful tool for finding trending topics related to your niche. As we all know that Google is the biggest search engine occupying at least 70% of the total search over the internet. Thus, topics that are trending on Google can be considered as the trending topics in a particular niche.…

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